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Conferences. My participation in conferences Regional & International Speaker:  •        UNESCO video messages on “The Ethical Framework for COVID-19 response in the Arab region: views and recommendations from the experts” (May 2020). •        Talk at the Second International Bioethics Conference, entitled, “What Can Ethics Learn from Islamic Legislation? An Islamic Approach to MoralContinue reading “Conferences | Expertise”


Previous Employment and work experineces Previous Employment and work experineces Academic  Qualifications PhD, University of Birmingham (2013-2017). Title of the thesis: Ethical Considerations in Health Research conducted during Armed Conflicts – Case Study from Darfur, West Sudan (2004-2012). My doctoral studies were fully funded by Wellcome Trust grant no. 099385/Z/12/Z. MHSc. (Bioethics), Joint Centre forContinue reading “Employment”


Ghaiath Hussein Publications. Ghaiath Hussein PublicationsGrants, Abstracts and Publications: (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Grant from Wellcome Trust for PhD Studentship in Humanities &Social Sciences (2012). Grant Ref. 099385/Z/12/Z   Conferences’ accepted abstracts 1.      “What can ethics learn from Islamic legislation? An Islamic approach to moral analysis based on the Purposes of Islamic Legislation (Maqasid Al-Shariya’a)”Continue reading “Publications”