Back Home?!!

It was weird feeling. My passport was not enough to tell me I am Sudanese. It\’s a place I never been, but eveyone and every document tell me so, \’You are Sudanese\’, thus I had no choice. Without much details, I found myself struck in an obligatory military training camp among the regime\’s announced policy of militarizing the nation in the so-called the People\’s Defence Force, established as a support for the army, and in many instances to substitute the army. It was freezing cold camp with a teal two pieces uniform, and a hard wool blanket. We stayed there for 45 days ended by a shooting exercise which was mere failure to me!!
The second main event that I was accepted in newly-established university called Zaem Azhary, named after the national leader of independence. He was the first one to raise the 3-color Sudanese flag of independence (Blue, Yellow, and Green).

Published by Dr Ghaiath Hussein

Medical doctor specialized in bioethics and public health. Following my MBBS in Sudan, I had a master degree in bioethics from the University of Toronto, then a PhD in bioethics at the University of Birmingham, UK. I have been teaching medical ethics for undergraduate medical students, residents, public health practitioners and master students and provide consultations in ethics-related topics for many regional and international institutions. This website is where I try to share some of what I have learned in my professional journey, hoping that this will make your journey shorter and easier by avoiding the same mistakes and by gaining some extra miles.

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